Swish swish

My machine is officially tuned up, and among other maintenance, apparently the feed dogs were way too low! But we’re reunited and it feeds so good (soz not soz). Anyway, it’s feeling and sounding great – I’m pretty sure I could Tokyo Drift in it.

My repair squeaked under the wire for the MA/RI travel restrictions. I hope our spike becomes a divot soon; I have friends and family across the border, and somehow it’s worse knowing they’re close but unavailable. Not that having family abroad and off-limits has been a comfort, exactly, but it’s a smaller contrast from the norm.

Anyway, my planned projects are stacking up on my cutting table a.k.a. my sewing table a.k.a. my eating table, but in the meantime here’s a deep deep cut!

This 2016 (?) make is the bottom half of Vogue 9075, an awfully-cute jumpsuit that I muslined the top of exactly once before abandoning it forever. This makes me laugh, now, because looking back the legs are just two big rectangles, plus notches for pleats, and crotch curves! It certainly wasn’t necessary to spend folding money on just the legs! But at the time, it gave me confidence to try something new, and I guess that was worth the sale price I almost certainly paid for it. Also, whatta crotch curve. I’m a fan.

It’s comfortable without being at all droopy, hitting just above the high-tide mark for chub rub, and I’ve borrowed it for other big short wide pants so I guess I did get my money’s worth. Plus it’s actively encouraging to look back at a pattern that felt like a challenge several years ago and discover it’s wonderfully simple (like an egg!). This is also the pattern that introduced me to what I think of as a Vogue-specific inseam pocket – the opening starts several inches down, but it actually extends along the side seam from the waist, and it’s anchored in the waistband. I used white cotton to minimize show-through and because it was handy.

I topstitched the seam above the pocket opening, as well as stitching down the pleats, which was The Recommended Thing To Do when all the pear-shaped ladies hopped out of the fruit bowl and into this pattern several years ago. I’m not sure it made much difference, since I used drape-y rayon, but it might save on ironing? Excuse me capitalistic patriarchal beauty industry but REAL culottes have wrinkles! Okay fine, I skipped ironing. This isn’t the first time it’s come up, but FOLKS, sometimes summertime is WARMER THAN I LIKE.

Here’s a glimpse of those stitched-down pleats, as well as my ‘invisible’ zipper and my au natural wrinkles. I’m wearing this with one of my earliest CC Netties, and even though I think that new dress is just a wrap hack of that one Vogue dress (only me? PROVOCATIVE CONTENT), mama can draft a back scoop. It’s casually elegant, IMO, and my bra never shows. Witchcraft.

I still get wrinkles like this at my shoulder seams, unfortunately. I’m pretty sure it’s more to do with my relative lack of experience/how I handle the fabric, since I don’t see this on other people’s makes.

I’m 80% sure I picked up the rayon for the culottes at Michael Levine in L.A. – it was definitely the L.A. fashion district – and I think it ran me about $30? I might not choose it today, but it fits neatly into my summer wardrobe of blues and greens and whites. I don’t really like light colors on my bottom half too much, partly for aesthetic reasons (grounding colors on the part of me closest to the ground – it just makes sense!) and partly for practical ones. I’m working at the summer program at my school (everybody masked all the time; the kids are champs and they’re doing amazingly well, but if you have a student returning to in-person school in the fall I recommend a low-stakes practice day wearing their mask at home, because the kids who practiced seem to find it easier and more comfortable). Anyway, all that to say that my average day involves building forts out of sappy pine branches, digging in the garden, painting, bedazzling, running through sprinklers, kicking a muddy soccer ball, disinfecting disinfecting disinfecting, and hanging out in a field, so it helps if my bottoms hide stains.

But I can promise this pattern is up to all that, including our multiple high-nineties days.

All the breeze can fit in the legs…

Without sacrificing ideal ground-sitability!

And just between you and me, the woven scrap I used for the crotch finish of this Nettie, is this rayon! SECRET SIT-SPACE SYNERGY!

Stay well, fight the power, see you soon!

Pattern: Vogue 9075

Pattern cost: $6? $8? In that family?

Size: most likely 16 or 18 (the past is another country)

Supplies: 3 yards printed rayon, probably around $30

Total time: unknown

Total cost: call it $40

8 thoughts on “Swish swish

  1. I love secret sit-space synergy! I’ve been making underwear from my knit leftovers this week, and love wearing the underwear that match the top or dress I’m wearing, even if no one else knows it’s happening 😉

    Also, those culottes look like the perfect thing to wear to day camp.


    1. YES, matching secret sewing to the outer stuff is such a fun reminder – and occasionally surprise! I’ve never made underwear but I’m still occasionally startled to realize “THAT’S what I have on today?!” 😀


  2. LOVE swishy culottes!
    Why yes, when I saw the new CC dress I thought “I could make the VVDV (Vogue Very Deep Vee) into a wrap dress. I muslined that dress and successfully overlapped the V, so I think it’s very doable.
    And sanitizing classrooms. Eegads. My NY State elementary colleagues will be spending their lunch period sanitizing their rooms between morning and afternoon groups. (To divide class sizes in half.) Help Wanted – Teacher: Master of five subjects, with strong custodial skills.
    I’m glad to see that you’re putting all your super powers to good use! Ooh rah!


    1. Ooh, good to know that it’s not just my suspicious mind. ^^ Overall I feel hopeful for in-person school this fall, ONLY because our class size is 10 – 15 students anyway (and still I smell like bleach all the time, which, yuck). I’m wishing you and your colleagues a safe and healthy new academic year!!


  3. Perhaps that sit space synergy will even give you good vibes while Tokyo drifting.. Your posts kill me, as usual! You also reminded me (unfortunately about 6 hours too late as I just sent a culottes pattern to the printer) that even though I no longer fit into my version of this jumpsuit, the bottom half is indeed an awesome culottes pattern! I love this print on you too – outfit looks great!
    P.S. you’re also giving me shoe envy!!


    1. Thank you!! XD If I can’t admit my Fast & Furious love in the same place I openly discuss my crotch, where can I? The shoes are Frye slip-ons and they’re SO comfortable. If you can get some (mine were half off at 6pm, but years ago) I recommend it – I have an old pair with the heel seam split open and the eyelets popped out and they’re still some of the most comfortable (if junkiest) shoes in my closet.


  4. Very nice outfit. I am glad to see other people have years-old and unblogged makes as well. Comes in handy when you don’t have time to sew but don’t want your blog to go silent. Oh, and I am totally with you on the no-light-colours-for the-bottom-half thing. It just doesn’t work out for me as well.


    1. Thanks! I definitely don’t produce a new bloggable item every week, but I still have some old makes in the tank, and it is handy. 🙂 I love light pants on other people, but I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who just can’t make it work, ha!

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