Look around you.

Look around you! Have you worked out what you’re looking for yet? IT’S QUILTING. No, I promise. It’s 10 hours of machine quilting that are FUNCTIONALLY INVISIBLE. This is M7549, an open, cropped, quilted jacket. I bought the pattern after being completely wowed by Allie J’s amazing take. I didn’t have the egg chutes to jump … Continue reading Look around you.


I made the Peppermint jumpsuit!

And it was…okay. The pattern is free (!) and found here. I think the style is actually pretty impeccable (is that a self-brag since I made one?) but I didn’t really adore the process of sewing it, and my fitting is very so-so. I genuinely love this fabric, a light, soft black-and-white ikat cotton that … Continue reading I made the Peppermint jumpsuit!